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Few words

Well, lets start from beginning. My full name is Michal Rafal Gabriel Papuszka, I live in Wroclaw, it's my birthplace and I grew in it. Damn, it's really hard to say something about myself in another language...

I studied at Politechnika Wroclawska and I achieved nothing but lost time. I'm just far too old for whole that abstract crap. On the other way, music is my passion, my life. Without music I would die. I am a home-grown live sound engineer and a drummer in two bands: Blade Rain and Dis Corida.

There are good days and bad days in my life, but I'm quite joyful and a thick-skinned person. My friends are rather extended family than people I just met. And Family is very important to me, I still stay in touch with my parents and my siblings.

I like to read fantasy books, like "A Song of Ice and Fire" by George R.R. Martin, or "Lord of the Rings" by John R.R. Tolkien. As for movies, I like fantasy, sci-fi and animations. Sometimes I play video games, mostly in Starcraft, Warcraft and Diablo universes.

Special Thanks

I want to thank my family for staying together no matter what. I want to thank Nina Tewel, thanks to You I like my own voice and I'm not afraid to sing anymore. Thanks to Grzegorz Lidzbarski and Wiktor Wedler, you guys showed me fun with electronics - it is awesome! Thanks Maciej Radziun for a chance to be your drummer! Tomasz for RPGs and music, Artur and Michal for being close in my life, Adrian - my great, personal mentat, Monika for taking care of the herd, Blazej for extraordinary attitude! Finally, I want to thank my ex-fiancée Monika for changing my life! Thank you! I love you all!




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