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46. World of Warcraft - Addon Pack 


It's time for a "must have" addon pack for World of Warcraft v2.43.

Download (6.72MB)

Pack contains:

  • Ackis RecipeList (profession database)
  • Advanced Trade Skill Window (profession helper)
  • AuldLangSyne (stores info about friends and guild members)
  • Bagnon (bags all in one)
  • Beauty (graphic booster)
  • Mik Scrolling BattleText (more friendly combatlog)
  • OmniCC (cooldown timers at actionbars)
  • Paranoia EPA (proximity warning based on combatlog)
  • QuestHelper (questing)
  • RedRange (mod for actionbars)
  • Trinity2 (action/cast bars)
  • WIM (windowed messenger)

Tags: #Addons #Game #World of Warcraft v2.4.3